Eukanuba Dog Show

We will be at the Eukanuba Dog show this week and through next weekend at the Orange County Convention Center. Saturday and Sunday, December 12 and 13, there will be a Meet the Breeds booth setup. There will be many volunteers and their Chesapeakes attending. If you’ve been interested in the breed, and wanted to learn more, this is a great opportunity to meet several dogs and talk with multiple owners.

For those interested in the Brady x Fen breeding, Fen is coming down from Georgia and will be at the show as well. It’s a great opportunity to meet her to help determine if this is a breeding you’d want a puppy from.


Hunting: Jad

We received these lovely photos of 5 mos. old Jad, from our Jockamo x Gabby litter, and his buddy Cooper, a 10 1/2 yr old GWP, hunting recently. Jad has some big paws to fill as Cooper is retiring. We hope to share lots of photos of Jad hunting in the future.

Agility Debut

Fen made her Agility debut this past weekend. She did quite well. She picked up a First and Third place and qualifying ribbons in Jumpers and Weaves, a First place and qualifying ribbon in Novice Standard and a Second place and qualifying ribbon in Novice Fast.

She had a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing how she does in the future. Congratulations to Laurea & Fen for their great job!

The Dog World, A Small World

I find it amazing how small the dog world is and how Facebook brings us all together.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having dinner with a Chessie family from Ireland here on holiday and this weekend I finally met a friend from Germany, who I’ve known virtually through Facebook for several years. Not only is she visiting the US for the first time but she’s also taking home a Jockamo x Gabby puppy with her.

Meet Purl who will soon be learning nein and gut among several more German words in just a few short weeks. 

I’ve always said my dogs have made life interesting and have given me many new and wonderful friends over the years.

Congratulations to Team Patton!!

I love keeping in touch with CoolWater Chesapeake puppy owners and over the years I have developed many wonderful friendships because of these crazy dogs. Even though I talk with many of our puppy owners regularly, and I keep up with them on Facebook, Instagram and via e-mail, every once in awhile I’m surprised.

Today I was surprised when I learned that Patton, CH CoolWaters Patton’s Destiny Is Some Great Thing, was entered in the Nashua, NH dog show. Patton being entered in the show, wasn’t too surprising as I know his owner Todd does enter him in various events every so often, however, his winning a Group 3 win is! What great news to receive!

Congratulations to Todd, Patton’s owner, and to Sue Burrell with Burrell Handling, for helping Patton excel in the show ring! Here’s to Team Patton — we wish you all many more future successes!

Visiting Fen in Atlanta

A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Newnan, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, to visit with a friend who recently moved up there. The trip served three purposes, I suppose. I was there to help my friend who needed someone to watch her three year old child while she went into the show ring with her dog. This was a very big event for her as she had given up showing for the last three+ years to raise her little girl and knowing how important it was to her, I offered my help. Secondly, I got to spend some time with friends and take some beautiful photos. Lastly, I got to catch up with Fen and her owner, a good friend of mine, Laurea.

Fen aka U-SHR Am/Intl CH CoolWater’s Roane Point CD BN RE RATN JH was from a co-bred litter we did just over two years ago. While I’ve seen Fen several times as she’s grown up, it had been awhile and I’m glad I got to see her. She has grown up very nicely.  She has a wonderful temperament and has really matured since I’ve seen her last. Here are some photos of Fen that I took while I was visiting. Hopefully, we will have some more exciting news to share about her in the future as well.


Bovine or Chesapeake?

Many people think that when their Chesapeake grazes on grass, it must have an upset stomach. Others, think dogs get upset stomachs because they grazes on grass. No one really knows why dogs eat grass and it appears there are several different theories on it.

What I can tell you about Chesapeakes is that they are grass grazers and one might think they are part bovine. Chessies eat grass all the time, and not necessarily because they have an upset stomach. Now, I am not saying this won’t cause an upset stomach, as many of my dogs have woken me up in the middle of the night with grass-filled puke. I’m merely pointing out that if your Chesapeake is eating grass, it’s probably not a big concern. Rather, they just like the taste of it.



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