Ch** Misty Hill Nash Ch Prince Hannibal of Jala
Ch**/Can Ch Chesacola’s Brutus Beefcake CD
Buck Conquistador Bug Bee BIS Ch**/Can Br*Wyndhams Conquistadorr
Bug Bee Col Whiting’s Lady
Chesacola’s Dixie Brown
Ch* Chesaford Magnum Bear WD
Ch Chesacola’s Lovely Rita CDX WD
Haute Jala Southern Belle Wyndhams Decoy of Jala BISS Ch*/Can BISS Ch* Chestnut Hills Stone E’s Tug
Ch Wyndhams Canvasback
Jala’s Turtle Bay Jessie Ch* Jala’s Guide of Riverview WD
Jala’s Hells-A-Poppin
Ch Ches-Shores Misty Hill Genesis Ch Chestnut Hills Marketeer Ch* Chestnut Hills Coca Kele Ch** Pond Hollow Casablanca WD
Ch Chestnut Hills Lacey CD
Ch Chestnut Hills Arnac Wye Oak WD BISS Ch*/Can BISS Ch* Chestnut Hills Stone E’s Tug
Ch Chestnut Hills Nettie TD
Ch*Ches-Shores Princess Tala
Ch Chesabar Decoy of Chestnuthil BISS Ch*/Can BISS Ch* Chestnut Hills Stone E’s Tug
Ch Chesabar’s Gale Force
Ch Belquist Candi Girl CD
Ch Chestnut Hills Shoobacca Buz
Ch Belquest Better and Better
CH Silvercreek’s Spiced Rum Cabinridge’s Crack Me a Bud Ch Chesabar’s Mt”n” Brusiser CD JH WDX Ch Chesabar’s Star of Obadiahs CD Ch* Ashby of Shorewaters BussyCD JH WD
Ch Aptobe Chelsea’s Molly Brown
Ch/Can BISS Ch Chesbar’s Brittany Ch Chestnut Hills Caesar
Ch Chesabar’s Gale Force
Ch Cabinridge’s Favorite Fergie Ch Ches-Shores Crazy as a Loon Ch Chesabar Decoy of Chestnuthil
Ch Ches-Shores April Mist
Ch Cabinridge’s Glowing Amber Rockruns Turk
Annie II
BIS/BISS Ch**/Can ChSilvercreek Casbar’s Cheers Ch*/Can BIS Ch**Silvercreek Remington Steele JH WD Ch Pond Hollow Calico Key Largo Ch** Pond Hollow Casablanca WD
Ch* Pond Hollow Bayberry Tides In
Ch**/Can Ch*/PR Ch*/WW97Silvercreek I Love Lucy JH WD Ch* Ashby of Shorewaters BussyCD JH WD
Ch/Can Ch Rocky Creek’s Just Sophie CDX JH WD
Mattamuskeet’s Diamond Maggie G Ch* Sand Bar’s Cast in Stone BISS Ch*/Can BISS Ch* Chestnut Hills Stone E’s Tug
Ch** Sand Bar’s Coastal Hurricane
Ch Mattamuskeet Lady of the Lake Ch* Pond Hollow Hy Water Mark
Ch Chestnut Hills Mattamuskeet