SHR Jessie’s On Her Way CD, JH

Jessie is retired at 12 years of age. She’s a beautiful sedge (red) colored Chesapeake. She’s at the lower end of the Chesapeake standard at about 22″ to the shoulder and 60 lbs. However, don’t let her small size fool you – she’s a retrieving fiend.

To know Jessie is to love Jessie — that’s what everyone says. She is happy-go-lucky, takes everything in stride and is happiest when working in the field but she adapts well to home-life.

Her willingness to please and eagerness to learn makes her fun to train — a little praise does wonders and really keeps her up, up, up.  She’s a busy dog that often needs a job to do.  She’s very inquisitive and if you don’t have a job for her, she will often find one on her own.

Jessie loves to talk, and although she doesn’t ‘roo’ as many Chessie do, she does smile and will often give a full-Chessie grin when she’s happy to see you.

Jessie obtained her AKC Junior Hunter (JH) and UKC Started Hunting Retriever (SHR) titles with qualifying passes each time she ran — all within a two month span and with very limited training. She also easily obtained her AKC Obedience Companion Dog (CD) title.

In 2008, Jessie was bred with CH Pondhollow BroadWater Bear SH. This breeding resulted in two puppies – a male (Risk, which we kept) and a female (Noelle, who went to LongCove Chesapeakes in GA).

I once mentioned to a good friend, a field trainer, “if I ever get another dog like Jessie…” He paused, looked at me and said “There will never be another dog like Jessie. Jessie is special.”   I tend to agree. I doubt I’ll ever have another quite like her.

Cerf: CB-483803, 06
Elbows: Normal CB-EL1067F47-PI
Hips: Good CB-8520G47F-PI
Cardiac: Normal CB-CA43/47F/P-PI
PRA: Clear/Normal
DM: At Risk

SHR Jessie’s On Her way CD, JH
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